Loran and Sarah (Hatcher) White

LORAN KAYE WHITE and SARAH ROSE HATCHER were married on April 7, 1952 in Piggott, AR.

Loran, also known as LEFTY, was born to Colon and Vasta (Rogers) White on January 6, 1932 in Ravenden Springs, AR. He was the fourth child of six. Lefty was born and raised in the log cabin built by his grandfather, Jasper White.

Sarah was born December 26, 1933 to Dewey and Ines Hatcher at New Home, Marmaduke, AR. She was the youngest of four children. When Sarah was only 3 years of age, Dewey passed away of an infection he received from an accident while cutting firewood.

In 1950, Lefty graduated 12th grade, from Marmaduke High School.

In 1951, while working at her Uncle Matt’s cafĂ© in Marmaduke, owned by Matt and Alice Wilson, Lefty finally worked up the nerve to talk to Sarah by asking if he could trade the pocketknife in his pocket for a soda. She agreed, but later found out that the knife really belonged to his brother, Paul. After dating for a few months, Loran, age 20, and Sarah, age 18, married in April, 1952.

In 1953, at the age of 21, Lefty was drafted into the Army. He served his time as Corporal in Korea where he was in charge of the P.X. department. While Lefty was gone, Sarah moved in with his parents, Colon and Vasta White.

While overseas, Sarah lost their first baby named David Loran White on June 12, 1953. He is buried at Harvey’s Chapel Cemetery, Marmaduke, AR

After returning home, Loran and Sarah raised three children:Danny Edward born July 10, 1955 in Flint, Michigan
Married Jeanne Joyce Steven on March 6, 1976
They live in South Haven, TN
Dennis Dewayne born September 13, 1960 in Paragould, AR
Married Sheila Maurice Dollins on November 24, 1984
They live in Paragould, AR
Donna Kay born February 13, 1962 in Paragould, AR
Married Jesse Ray Hale on June 21, 1980
(at the home of Loran and Sarah White)
They live in Marmaduke, AR

In 1961, Lefty and Sarah bought their first home in Marmaduke, AR. The original home was destroyed in the Tornado of April 2006. A new home now stands in its place, where Loran and Sarah still live on top the hill.

Lefty worked as a welder for 25 years at the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department out of Paragould, AR. He retired from there in January of 1992.
Sarah worked as a Rector Sportswear Operator for 20 years at the Rector Sportswear Factory out of Rector, AR. She retired in June 1991.

They are now proud grandparents of:
Holly Dawn (married to Adam Hunt) and
Michael Shawn, children of Danny and Jeanne White.
Tanner Dollins and
Kaylin Sherrie, children of Dennis and Sheila White.
Kymberlee Anne Hale, daughter of Jess and Donna (White) Hale.

Not to forget the great-grandchildren by no means:
Ethan Daniel Hunt and
Kenley Jean Hunt, children of Holly and Adam Hunt
Madalyn Grace and
Anna Elizabeth, daughters of Michael White